Look, Hyundai. Again, do not be late

I'll be going to assume that the week lived defective, if I see a note about the failed or were late for any other reasons train Hyundai. This week went well, one might even say, with some excess of the plan - as at 14.12. Representatives of the Korean flagship electric locomotive sachkanuli four times already. I am not for a moment allow myself to doubt the quality of the performance of masterpieces of railway rolling stock, but somehow too much evidence against their use in our Palestine. Again, it may well be that "the conservatory something needs to be corrected," wrote Zhvanetskiy. That is, well, just stupidly does not meet the condition of our highways operational requirements of the Korean miracle. And first you need it most appropriate to achieve. Figuratively speaking, the operation of Ferrari in off-road conditions is unlikely to be sustained. But this is a deeply personal matter of the owner of the Ferrari. And when a few hundred people in the wild heat or beastly cold for many hours have to be carried out in the hospitable staff cars, then they have a sufficient number of personal questions to the initiators purchase Kozak and Kolesnikov, and I very much even humanly understand. I would also arise.
Seems to me soon in our everyday life will include a comparison of the "Honey, you're late, as Hyundai┬╗. Or: "Oh it. It breaks down as Hyundai ┬╗


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