I believe - the garden bloom

Not so long ago, in the leaked photos that were presented as photos of the famous golden bowl of the names in Mezhigorie.
As often happens in such cases, the true situation was somewhat distorted. That is, was the truth. But not all.
In fact, it's not quite the toilet. This Universal Stand Fertilizers Revolutionary Modernity (USRUS). Ukraine is famous for its fertile soils. But even they are not able to give stable yields the desired level. The chemical industry is not able today to produce fertilizer required quality and purity.
And made a strategic decision to remove the industry to a new level. Concept was developed USRUS, which included the rejection of imports of chemical fertilizers and the transition to full self-fertilizers of natural origin.
And here the head of state has proved a wise and caring ruler. Since the project were two bottlenecks - ensuring maximum yield per unit of equipment and understudiedness possible side effects, he took on the mission itself. That is, to produce the required amount of quality product and take the consequences from exposure to the stand. And I must say, as he copes with the task quite successfully. In almost all areas (and not only in agriculture) felt confident "pokraschennya." But do not do without the fly in the ointment - the result of a serious overload of the mighty organism guarantor (and then - try to give as much product) became his many reservations and progressive forgetfulness. It is possible that in the near future someone will have to replace Viktor Yanukovych in this delicate matter.
But - whatever it was, I believe, that the task will be executed and thanks USRUS we will be able to join the cohort of economically developed countries in the world.
(In the photo - taking ceremony of the stand-up)


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