Hoodie Pugacheva.

Flipping through Google this morning to find the right. As always, caught incidentally and trash of every kind. Including next, "the most hot and terrible news" about Alla Pugacheva Borisovne light. Remembered a curious story.
Remember the famous subject of her outfit - a hoodie? That she was like a second skin. Time to think that she was born in it. Twenty years or so it otprygala them on stage. Yudashkin And this has nothing to do. He then lay still in diapers, interspersed with talc. It all began with the contest in Sopot. Held there such a contest - "Golden Orpheus". Happens embarrassment - not able to take a suitcase with things future diva. No dress - not to speak of anything. Well, then Alla First there was no such state - a specialist in the left eyebrow, lower lip, and so on. Was just a helper. And this humble toiler backstage improvised, namely curtains and sheets of painted (paint the same simple - braided fabric in tow - so much imagination and paint enough) created this violet-red-orange masterpiece "haute couture". In this creation to make a hole for the head shevelyuristoy contestants, and, lo, in the vast kabluchischah with exaggerated make-apom, she was a respectable audience to sing "Harlequin". And it's all so organically intertwined with the theme of the song (in the original - Bulgarian authorship), which she won, just coming on the scene. Here is an example of such creative solutions contingency.
Another thing is that Diva then start to operate this garb, performing works on texts by Shakespeare's friend and other serious writers. That is, formally remaining in the form of Harlequin. Which caused confusion and healthy well-founded sarcasm.


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