He is very much alive

History about fifteen years ago. Happy young man lived far away from the Comintern plant in the city of Dnepropetrovsk. Phone he had from the factory PBX station was old, when entering the city number needed to dial 9, and the people who make calls to this PBX, often not communicated to those subscribers who expected to hear. Young man on this occasion amused as he could. Catchphrase was: "Torpedo boats base. Midshipman Panin at the device ยป.
And somehow there was another call. Calling a woman. Hearing of the midshipmen Panin, frightened hangs up. However, a minute later again be the same call from her, and a moment's hesitation and apologizing, the lady asked, in Dnepropetrovsk there is a base. And I got an answer that the base as part of the Dnieper river flotilla is still in Dnepropetrovsk, excitedly asks her brother to call back so that he called his sister to Horn Island. As she calls him, and gets on base. The young man wrote down the phone that his brother - the same Komintern PBX - conveyed the request - and forget about what happened.
A few weeks later the bell rang. Sentiment was not joking, and the young man said simply, "I'm listening." There was a pause, and then a timid female voice said, "This is the base torpedo boats?". Somewhat surprised, he replied: "Yes. Midshipman Panin at the device. " "Oh, what a blessing that I again got on your watch - with genuine joy shouted at the other end. And without a hint of humor was asked to call his brother with the same request. A piece of paper with the number still lying next to the phone.
It is not known what the conversation with his brother, but that the woman believed in the reality of Midshipman Panin was no doubt.


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