22 daily things that improve our lives

1.Bud observation. Keep track of all that is happening around you. Life around - a great source for new experiences and new ideas.
2. Do not miss a single idea that comes into your head. Record each - even if it does not turn to realize it right away, you can return to it later.
3.Beri more from the people around you. Around you - the cycle of examples, ideas, words, relationships, mistakes and experience. Notice and are used in their favor.
4.Vsegda wear with a book or magazine. Thus you use to their advantage any period of time, which previously could disappear in vain - while on the road, queues, waiting for the results.
5.Posvyaschay reading at least 30 minutes every day.
6.Razmyshlyay. Take it a habit. This - and the "gymnastics for the brain," and a great opportunity to bring clarity to your actions.
7.Poprobuy every evening to analyze the previous day. What did you get? What - no? As it was necessary to make sure that everything was perfect? ​​
8.Pey more water.
10.Pochasche read a selection of quotations. This - concentrated collection of wisdom.
11.Vybiray a "useful tip of the day" and to implement.
12.Vedi personal "accounts": record all income and expenses. So at the end of the month there is no question: "And where I managed to spend all the money?"; you can keep track of useless purchases, "devour" the budget, and avoid them; you can clearly imagine their real purchasing power.
13.Sdelay first anything. Or find a new way to perform some everyday things - for example, more convenient and shortest route to work. It trains the mental faculties.
14.Chitay online materials to good use, draw conclusions, and not just run through his eyes.
15.Chasche Use a timer when performing a task.
16.Uchis use management, algorithms and techniques. Use well-known, look novye.Naprimer, Teach Keyboard Shortcut Editor (editor hotkeys), with which you can create your own or edit existing shortcuts.
17.Namechay goals, major and minor, short-term and long-term.
18.Prosypaysya earlier.
19.Proslushivay educational or motivational program if busy that requires full concentration.
20.Bud friendly during the day. This is encouraging and uplifting.
21.Chitay every day selected at random Wikipedia article to obtain information about those things that did not know before.
22.Ischi in life something funny or amusing. Only it helps to get from it a real pleasure.


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