10 ways to look at LIFE from the OTHER side

Awareness is the awakening of the consciousness, continuous care at every moment of life, when during the execution of any action is not happening wandering thoughts and focused on what is happening specifically at the moment. Proven that those people who practice mindfulness and experience positive changes in all areas of their life. The feeling of living in the here and now enhances self-esteem, ability to focus and makes relationships more harmonious and filled, which reduces stress levels and gives a more complete feeling of happiness. Every month, hundreds of people take part in the Marathon mutual awareness, improving your relationship with yourself, your partner and the surrounding world. "Graduates" of the Marathon, finishing the race in 21 days, made his map of the discoveries. It will help you to pay more attention to the current moment and learn to feel the "here and now".

  Here are 10 ways in which you will learn to be more aware: 1. Observe and take everything that happens to you. Fear of any change is not your best quality. In this case, you will be able to experience conflicting emotions and a desire to return to what it was before. Do not stop at this stage, go ahead.


2. Be honest with yourself and with your partner. Be honest in describing what is happening in your head or body. Sometimes it will be difficult, but this is great energy for future discoveries and changes. Be honest in answering yourself the question "why" and "why" I'm here. This will tell you the answers of where to go next and why.


3. Be ethical in relation to others. To be ethical means not to take information outside of those walls, where you got it from, not to harm others intentionally or unintentionally discussion behind, and to respect the wishes and values of other people as you would like them to respect yours.


4. Open and learn to trust. Be prepared to open up and trust strangers. In the first place, to talk about their daily Affairs, and about the different kinds of experiences. This is the first and very important step out of the comfort zone and to build trust not only in this group, but also your family. Initially unable to conduct his observations in a separate notebook, but slowly begins to write or speak about them publicly (e.g., social networks that give the opportunity to keep an online diary can be a powerful means of self-revelation and, therefore, self-development).


5. Learn from yourself and others. Podsmatrivala that is obtained or not obtained from others. Nobody is perfect and rarely all work out the first time. It is possible (and highly likely), someone's report, thought, insight will prompt you to correct actions or the direction in which to move with his own question. Conversely, your idea could make someone to come across a “Eureka!” so do not skimp on the description – oral or written — if you have all turned out great. It really makes a difference and can help others.

6. Improvise. If the everyday the job seems boring, impossible, has long been known and it's not desirable — upgrade by itself, turn it into a personal study. For example, during the Marathon of mindfulness one pair staged a dinner in the restaurant is not dark, but dark in the Park with takeout. How will you respond to daily situations that life throws up, is an important indicator. Most often, it reflects our overall strategy for the conduct of life. Every day is a whole life in miniature. Changing this strategy in everyday life, you become more flexible in life, build its relations with it.


7. Help and share. When you learn to share your discoveries — you will notice increased energy levels. Retrieved on personal experience of the participants of the Marathon. Extra plus: good mood and a feeling that you become the master of your life. Just remember that when someone is moving at a different pace on the river everyday situations, questions, difficulties, and perhaps not as successful as you, you always have the opportunity to help or encourage. Just do it, you just become happier and more fully realized.


8. Be prepared for pleasant surprises. Just tune in to what they happen, and different pleasant surprises won't keep you waiting. An unexpected bouquet of flowers or a nice phone call from a colleague, a letter from a friend or a passing smile of a stranger – all this develops the relationship with themselves and the world around them, making them deeper, opens up new facets of your own reactions to symptoms that begin with internal reactions.


9. Have fun! . From their own successes, which will certainly happen by the success of other people, communicating with yourself and others, and from the tasks themselves, which throws life. Running is always easier with a smile! Enjoy the process. It's worth it.


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Conscious People: don't stoop to the low vibrations!

10. And you will be happy. How to be happy? Rightly said Kozma Bars: just to be him. Happiness is in all of us, you just have to learn to realize it. A happy man is a conscious man. So what are we waiting for? published by P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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