10 traps on the way to happiness

1. Trying to please everyone
This - the main mistake. It is impossible to please everybody. It does not depend on whether you are a good person. Trying to impress everyone around you, you're wasting your time. Instead of spraying their energy on everyone he met, better stock up on it really the right people.

2. Greed
Money is necessary for us to zhit.No need to know the measure. Once the money is for the person mainly, they will never bring him happiness. The most that they can dat- short-term pleasure. It is important to appreciate what you have, know how to be grateful.

3. Envy
Some people find it difficult to be happy, if there is someone else happy. There is a feeling of envy. To avoid this, you must understand that everyone has his own way, his own life. All we are pursuing very different goals and go for them separate ways, so to compare yourself with others does not make sense.

4. Inability to forgive
Forgiveness - an important key to happiness. Not simply, you are a burden in my heart. It is worth noting that there is little to learn to forgive others, we must learn to forgive yourself. You may have made mistakes in the past, for which continue to have a sense of guilt. But understand that nobody is perfect, everyone makes mistakes. Forgive yourself and start again.

5. Neglecting your hobbies
That may excite you in this life? Everyone has some passion. When a person is engaged in something interesting, exciting, he feels happiness. Conversely, if we neglect his passion can never never experience the feeling of satisfaction from life.

6. adventurism
If you are constantly jumping from one adventure to another, your actions have no logic, sequence, you are much more difficult to achieve his goal. One can not always be guided by emotions. Try to look at your life in terms of strategy.

7. Thinking about yourself
This is - as a dangerous trap, on the way to happiness. It can be assumed that the more time we spend thinking about our needs, dreams, the happier we will be. This is not true. Conversely, if you think only of yourself, the greater grows the probability of various losses and disappointments.

8. shamelessly
Deep down, you know, when did the right thing, and when not. This is - your conscience, your faithful counselor. Unfortunately, often our rational mind creates a lot of excuses to not follow his conscience. This is incorrect, as it is - a reliable assistant on the way to happiness.

9. Idleness
If you know what to do in a given situation and want to do so, but do not actually do that, it makes sense and does not give you any good. Do what you have to do and do not procrastinate.

10. Failure to yourself
Maybe there are some things that you do not like yourself. For example, you want to be taller, richer, or have a different appearance. We must learn to accept ourselves as we are.


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