The woman did not just cooks, she cooks themselves their future

In the East, it is believed that a woman is not just cooks, she cooks themselves their own future and therefore the more qualitative, tasty and varied it does, the better future awaits her.

Previously, when a man wants to choose a wife carried the bride. Future wife had to cook dinner. And the new family, tasting, cooked dishes, can roughly determine the quality of the future wife and what the future holds for this family. Because for ready-made meals can understand unconscious woman to cook. It is impossible to describe how it is done, but it is easy to feel, we all know how to do it in one degree or another, when we come to visit and try something cooked mistress.

Unconscious woman enters the food at the time of mixing. So when you need food stirred wish for the happiness and health of all members of his family. Those for whom you are preparing. You have to think about the strong relationship at this point.

Clean dishes suggests purity of consciousness of women. When a woman washes the dishes home, she washes his heart from selfish desires. This is one of the techniques of women.

Unwashed dishes at night is equivalent to the front door ajar. As if the front door open. Ie happiness and wealth go out of this family. Therefore, a good housewife does not tolerate dirty dishes, even during cooking. She was so prepared that no dirty dishes in general. In the sink had nothing at all, there was nothing ever is.

Taken from a lecture Vyacheslav Ruzov


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