That people do not shy away

Our -Lёhu remember?
-Et Of
Well ours, marching, kayaker, all in kayak went
-Dyk, Forget this) Of course I remember! and that he had alienated?
Yes it is - alienated, no other way to call it. Well he lifelong bachelor, lives only with cats, mobile phones and he still was not well and it comes on the market, puts his head out the window and asks "THE CHEAPEST wireless headset»
-And Th?
Well, and the seller, and it asks: "what a cell." He says: "mobile? and there is no mobile "))))) That said, as it O_o ??? And why is it you. Lech says: "Duc is, when I walk down the street, often talking to himself, Duc to stop people shy away, thinking they say, to Mobile calling»)))))))
-GYYYYYY. And it is that?
-A Well, that is closed and cheeps Th-there, I xs. like alive


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