The ideal wife in 1955.

1) Dinner should be ready. This should take care in advance, sometimes even the night before dinner, to the delicious and varied dishes were prepared for the arrival of her husband. It's a way to show his wife what you think about it and take care of his needs. Most men are hungry when they come home, and kind of a good meal (especially favorite meals) - an integral part of the warm reception.

2) Get ready. Spending 15 minutes to his arrival to look fresh. Correct make-up and hairstyle. Remember that even a second before he was surrounded by people concerned work.

3) Be cheerful and interested them. After a hard day, he needs encouragement. To encourage her husband - one of your duties.

4) Take away the mess. Before her husband's return from work one more time put things in order in the main part of the house.

5) Gather textbooks, folded children's toys, remove paper, and so on, then lay a fresh tablecloth tables.

6) In the colder months of the year you should advance to kindle the fireplace to protect her husband from the cold. Your husband will feel he has reached a cozy haven of rest and order, so that will inspire you. Ultimately, supply husband comfortably take you unlimited personal pleasure and satisfaction.

7) Prepare the children. Wash children's hands and faces (if they are small), comb their hair and, if necessary, change your clothes. Children - little treasures. Let the husband sees their involvement in caring for it. Husband should be shielded from any noise. When he comes home, washing machine, dryer and vacuum cleaner should be switched off. Try to get the kids to be quiet.

8) Be happy to see her husband.

9) greeted him with a smile and show a sincere desire to please him.

10) Listen to him. You can have a dozen things that you want to share with him, but the time he came home from work - not the best time to do this. Let him speak first - remember, his topics of conversation are more important than your.

11) The evening belongs to the husband. Do not complain if he comes home late or goes out to dinner at other places of entertainment without you. Try to understand that your husband lives in a world tension and pressure, so he needs to relax at home, and not to listen to reproaches.

12) Your goal - to make the home a place of peace and order where your husband can refresh your body and spirit.

13) not to meet her husband's reproaches and challenges.

14) Do not complain if he comes home late or absent all night. It is a trifle compared with what he had experienced during the day.

15) make life comfortable man. Have him lean back in a comfortable chair, or fill it hot bath. Had prepared him cold or hot drinks.

16) Vzbey his pillow, take off his shoes. Speak with him calm and pleasant voice.

17) does not require an explanation of his actions or question his honesty and fairness. Remember that he - the owner of the house, acting fairly and correctly. You do not have the right to demand an explanation from him.

18) A good wife always knows her place.


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