What qualities PREVENT marry:

1) Appearance. You do not think about their appearance, do not take care of yourself, do not exercise, figure, face, stilem.Vy not know how to impress the man, unsure of themselves, trapped complexed.
2) ambitions. You excessive demands muzhchinam.Vy want the perfect husband. You characterize as bitchiness and tough woman.

3) Revnivitsa and possessive. Have you always been to create an atmosphere of control can create a scandal, surveillance, interrogation. You restricts the freedom of man.

4) obsequiousness. You hypocrites, willing to bend a man's opinion and the decision own position you have available. This type is rapidly becoming boring.

5) Subject. You ill-mannered, scandalous, do not know how to behave in society, sloppy, like excessive alcohol, light behavior.

6) A foolish near and thinking. Engage in self-development and education. You should be able to maintain a conversation on any topic to be interesting to the man.

7) Strong desire marriage. You have written on my forehead: want to get married! It feels and scares men!


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