Grandmother and Granddaughter

 - All men are the same! Grandmother, he should just tell me first "hello", and I already know how it will behave on what jokes to tell, how to smile, how to touch, how to quarrel and go.
 - You're not right, granddaughter. All men are different. Just like we like men. Do you like modest "home"? Then why are you setuesh that again caught bore, which will not want to leave the house? If you choose a man "Life", then do not be surprised that it will be to share it with friends, and often parallel and friends. If you love the Romantics, then be ready not only to candles, poems and champagne, but also to periodic depressions and disappearances, which he will explain the "creative crisis". Choose a man for whom you can be "like a stone wall" - do not be surprised that you can not find within these walls the door to freedom. Women choose similar men, and then are surprised that they are all the same.


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