20 best quotes about women of all ages

1. Charming woman - the one in the presence of which begins more like himself.
2. The more graces woman gives a man, the more she loves him and the less he likes it.

3. A truly beautiful woman is always good and the other women, and to people in general. She rejects rivalry, intrigue and dirty tricks

4. If a woman shows character, about her saying: "Harmful woman". If the character takes a man, they say about him: "He's a good guy".

5. A woman should contrive to look so wise that it "accidentally" turned out to be nonsense for a man a real gift.

6. Beautiful female eye - a paradise for the soul - hell, and for the pocket - purgatory.

7. Respect the women - a duty which every honest man must obey birth.

8. A woman forgives all, but often recalls that simple.

9. Many women can love only if they are loved. Conversely, in order to fall in love, they sometimes enough of love. Girl looking at yourself through the eyes of men.

10. You - a woman, and that you are right.

11. I am willing to live in a world ruled by men, as long as I can be a woman in this world.

12. To insult a woman can only humiliated man destiny.

13. Every girl should never forget that it does not need those who do not need it.

14. Give the woman a good pair of shoes and she will conquer the world!

15. Before the wedding, the girl makes love with a man to hold it. After she holds him to make love to him.

16. Time spent with a woman can not be considered lost.

17. Happiness is not to win a woman's body, but rather to become her lover.

18. Smart woman - that, in a society where you can keep yourself as anything stupid.

19. Women love to obey, but can not stand when their victims are not adequately assessed. Men do not know how to appreciate women who care for them.

20. A woman is always striving to become what it wants to see.


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