17 quotes about love

1. He even told me he loved me. And I said, do not you love me, my love. This is not love, it's selfishness. You do not think about me, but about what you feel for me. (John Fowles. Collector)
2. To love someone - it's like to sail both in one big boat, and if one out of love, you have to wait until the boat stick to the shore to the other could get to land. (Johan Harstad. Where are you now?)

3. ... love is always accompanied by excruciating pain, great joy and great sorrow. (Paulo Coelho. The Valkyries)

4. Love has no symptoms, and it does not warn about your appearance. (Elchin Safarli. If you only knew ...)

5. To hear the silence in response - the most painful for the woman. better to let him say that out of love. Better let alienate offensive word and shout: "I'm tired of your love!" Anything, but not silent. It kills. (Elchin Safarli. If you only knew ...)

6. You should know that freedom - is the highest value, and if love does not give you freedom, then it is not love. (Osho (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh)

7. A man who lies in love, does not deserve even hatred. (French proverb)

8. Always need to know what are causing pain to someone you love. To think hundred times before you do it. (Natalia Ignatov. Hunter's death)

9. I loved a man who looked in his eyes and said to myself: "God, I need you! "Although at the time he was there and it seemed to go anywhere is not going to. Left a little later. (Elchin Safarli. If you only knew ...)

10. Man, no matter how bad he did to the woman, never believe that her love finally lost to him. (Arthur Conan Doyle. Musgrave Ritual)

11. How cool love someone to pain, but this is how people survive?

12. True love, when it comes, is completely different from what you expect.

13. With regard should be given as much freedom to people like myself are increasingly being near you. Love - is when a person does not hold, and give always the right choice ... (Vitaly Gibert)

14. If you catch a bird, do not keep it in a cage, do not do it, she wanted to fly away from you, but I could not. And make sure that she could fly, but did not want to. (Osho. Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh)

15. You know, did not think: maybe you're such a pig that communicate with you again - idiotic. But forget you can not even with those whom you hold a candle to not fit. (John Fowles. Magus)

16. When we enter the area of ​​love, language is not usable. Love can not be squeezed into words, it can be transferred only in silence. (Elif Safak)

17. There is only one way to solve the problem of a love triangle - change the number of angles. If you can not remove the third - to add a fourth. (Oleg Roy. The web of lies)


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