The laws of genetics

Once the family comes the long-awaited baby, parents are beginning to take an enthusiastic congratulations from all relatives and friends, who do not forget to notice who seems tiny child. Such comments about the similarities child with mom or dad in any case can not be avoided, because the genes are on the genes to make small children look like their parents. Very often kids are born just as a blueprint similar to the mother or father and similarity are hard to miss. Photographer Bobby Neal Adams knows this firsthand ...

This photographer, to create an amazing photo collages (which number includes the series "Family Tree") was born in North Carolina, but now lives in New York (the talented man, making good money, can afford it). Most of the work of Bobby Neal due to changes that occur with the human body under the influence of time or circumstances. Ever since the late 80s, he began to work actively in this direction, using their own technique referred to as "fotohirurgiey." Bobby Neal Adams says that does not use the computer in their work, and doing everything manually. So he cuts the two pictures, glue them into one picture and clearly demonstrates the laws of genetics.

The most famous of his work is considered to be a series of "Family Tree," which according to the photographer no program Photoshop. He compared people with kinship (son / father, son / mother, a grandson / grandmother, grandson / grandfather, daughter / father, daughter / mother, granddaughter / grandmother, granddaughter / grandparent, sister / brother) and showed their creations around world.

So look at what happened at the photographer, do not use any foreign materials, but only pictures, scissors and glue. A series of "Family Tree" by Bobby Neal Adams in full glory.


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