Nicole Scherzinger

Here imechko and imechko got ex-vocalist The Pussycat Dolls ... Nicole Scherzinger Praskovja Elikolani Valiente (in life would have thought that Nicole is a long name). To date, Nicole Scherzinger is not a former soloist-girl group and solo singer who is known around the world. Say at once, she never did not like me, but for me its popularity just amazing. It would seem that any outstanding vocal Nicole is no different, but something draws viewers to look at it (I personally like her dancing, but dance-dance Beyonce attracts me a lot more). I believe that the professionalism of this beauty with Russian roots still not enough (although it is again IMHO). A blessing in disguise, so I would say that as a songwriter Nicole is very good (almost all singles written by 33-year-old Nicole, just super).

Take a look at the make-up of this exotic beauty, and at the same time and look at her face.

1. Whether the blue shadows give tired Nicole, whether the singer is not in the mood. Makeup absolutely not fit this girl, and too thin eyebrows make the face wide.

2. Remember, remember the bang Nicole. After she did it, I saw a lot of girls with the same haircut, though perhaps it's just a coincidence. I like one - not visible eyebrows. Makeup strange and careless.

3. It is a peculiar form of eye Nicole, and the whole upper part of the face is unusual. Nicole confused with someone else is very difficult (if, of course, to know how it looks). Make-up is good, but it is clear that Scherzinger has not slept.

4. That I love hats on girls, even kill! (Although some believe that this is a purely male enhancement). Makeup Nicole is very similar to a make with the previous photo, constancy - a sign of excellence.

5. I can not help thinking that almost all the photographs Nicole was about to doze. Yes, and the similarity with Catherine Zeta-Jones, I constantly catch. Perhaps this is the fruit of my violent fantasies (not otherwise). Make-up is excellent, but sleepy Nicole spoils it in the bud.

6. Color Eye Shadow simply magical! Makeup artists perfectly matched to their tone hue dress for the singer. I like it.

7. This is something new ... I know a girl who actually Nicole copies around, and so on graduation she made it a makeover. Well, to be honest, but only for a glamorous party.

8. Morning in Shanghai village. Nicole is very pretty woman, but those arrows just not for her.

9. sensitively perezagorala Nicole, and good makeup. Like her hair color.

10. Excellent make-up and it looks like an incredibly beautiful dress. In general, a harmonious blend.

11. Naughty brow ran away from Nicole, make-up, too pumped up. By the way, make something similar to the previous option, but here the color of the shadows to nothing written (there are at least dress the beautiful rich purple hue).

12. Superobraz! I think Nicole had to experiment in this direction, but apparently she did not want. Excellent stressed out eyes, bright lips and interesting hairstyle played in favor of Nicole, but she missed the win.

P.S. Nicole luxury chest!

13. Something in the style of J. Lo. I like make-up, but that's outfit (dress + Earrings) no.

14. One of the most unfortunate way Nicole. Well what a bright pink dress pink lip gloss? And why do so thin eyebrows? And why do we need arrows that did not go to Nicole? These "why?" A lot, so I think that the image is unsuccessful.

15. The brunette in a leather dress with long eyelashes - good, oh as well, but does not sound particularly (though we face the girl of easy virtue). But to us the beauty Nicole Scherzinger! I like makeup and image as a whole.

16. I think that with the choice of shadows lose. It would be better looked golden hues.

17. Everything is so brilliant ... hmm ... I prefer matte colors, so this motley makeup I do not like, and I think it is even a kind of vulgar.

18. Here it is! One of the best make-up Nicole. Everything is fine, even the eyebrows are not as tonyusenkie (and good form).

19. But Nicole and woke up :) Hibernation affected her badly - the singer turned green. Too much green, in my opinion. But the color of shadows magnificent.


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