A healthy person doesn't want to get married!

Female loneliness — a recurring theme. What to do to the woman who has never been married? How to cope with fear close relationships? How to get married, if you already have a child or even several? It is necessary to address this topic in the company of women, and immediately begin...

While all seek to find their soulmate and get married, psychologist Mikhail Labkovsky argues that such a desire clearly indicates the disorder neurotic character! Interesting, isn't it?

How to find moremichael Labkovsky convinced that if a woman feels lonely, she has no interest with it since childhood. Therein lies the problem — the person is not comfortable with myself, and he wants to find a partner who is this terrible emptiness fills.

The first thing the reader should understand that it is not a story about unrequited love. She is not alone. The fact that she can't marry — not true. She is neurotic, which is due to neurotic circumstances feels the way she articulates.

She clings to some things: what is not good-looking enough or too good, that the country's difficult demographic situation and so on. The reason is her inner state, which some do not even have involves family life.

The key to a happy family life, marriage, and sex with one partner in a stable psyche. No concessions, no compromises — it's all straight road to the cardiologist or the oncologist. When a person has a stable psyche, so he can live with one partner all my life. And to love him alone.

How to find love — here a question may worry you. A healthy person does not wish to marry. This is the same as the desire to have a doll on the bonnet, veil and all that shit. In healthy people, the situation is a little different. First — they have a need to love. This need to love, they find a man who loves them.

According to the source, for a successful marriage need not take extraordinary measures! Only need to do only one thing — to be myself. That's enough. And like the principle just for this.

Tell us in the comments what you think about the opinion of a reputable psychologist. It will be very interesting to know your story...

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