The development of the tram system in Moscow (15 pics + 5 videos)

Moscow tram system in 3-5 years when the city honest government.

But wait ahead of ourselves. First, the tram as a whole. And one example.

When we talk about the tram, unfortunately, often lumbering coffin meant that when driving forces to shake the neighboring houses chandeliers. Unfortunately, in Russia the majority of tram systems in 1991 and terribly underfunded gradually rot, rails and wagons does not change, in some places even have a mechanical system with arrows where the driver must get out and scrap its switch. And when we say that such transport can be an alternative to the car, and in general is very important and good, many are surprised. In fact, the tram is not something to which we are accustomed. This tram is more like it:

This is a new branch of the tram in the city of Bergen in Norway. One of the masterminds of the project was student Vukan Vuchika Tom Potter, an American who lives in Bergen. For many years he tried to convince the authorities and the population of the need for such a system, the debates were about 10 years. Then he took an active part in the construction of the system and at some point invited to see the teacher. I reported this proznal and asked for the same, in the end three days went after them with a camera and filmed everything

In short - trams quickly, often being caught in traffic jams, do not stop at traffic lights and absolutely silent

Low-floor trams. Low floor need not only and not so much for the convenience of passengers, how to speed up the embarkation and disembarkation of passengers


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