Correct Pope.

Benedict XVI leaves. That is, renounces. Says it became too old for duty. Eighty-six years old, after all. I am, in principle, quite far from the affairs of the Catholic Church. But somehow, sorry. It may, indeed, forces are not the same, who knows. But quite interesting man led the last eight years the Catholic Church.
Well, what is it after the service in the Wehrmacht during World II suddenly became a priest - it is. After a grinder people still often change. In Russia won Afghan yes Chechen syndrome - how many people their shifts explain this. And Joseph Alois Ratzinger completely turned the other way. So it's not so simple a military syndromes?
By the way, in the work of his personality, he is quite extraordinary. For example, while still quite young in 1970, he signed a memorandum 9 German theologians demanding reforms in the Catholic Church, in which, inter alia, contained a proposal to abolish celibacy for priests. That in itself was quite serious step. (By the way, is not that why the Pope is going to settle in after leaving the convent? There has to pray for someone :))
And what else pay tribute pontiff - voluntarily abdicate very difficult. The last time it happened in 1415. Almost five hundred years ago.
Man, eh? Well, good health and successful prayers.


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