Heroes among us

Almost every one of us lives according to various exploits. Someone wins top. Other dives to a depth and takes stunning views of the sea depths, and some people have the incredible courage and amazing courage and save lives. It's about these characters, you will learn from this post. The surgeon conducted 30,000 operations in a combat zone.

Doctors all over the world every day save many lives, but some of them have reached this mastery in the art of pulling patients, they say, "from the world." These magician scalpel and anesthesia can certainly be attributed surgeon Gino Strada, specializing in heart and lung transplantation.

Strada - founder and chairman of the Italian organization «Emergency», but respect him not only (and not so much) for this. Gino as a field surgeon was in the hottest parts of the world - Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Cambodia and some other countries. Strada has provided free care to the wounded military and civilians, in 25 years of practice, he personally spent about 30 thousand operations (on average more than three transactions per day), thanks to him in war zones came 47 medical centers, have gone through hundreds of thousands of people .

A brave medic often had to negotiate with the radical terrorist organizations to be allowed to place their offices as close as possible to the front line, with Gino tried to centers equipped with the latest technology. Strada When asked if he wanted to stop the charity and to return to his native Venice, Gino said, "I probably surgical animal - I like living in the operating room».

Police, dissuaded from suicide dozens of people.

Kevin Briggs over 22 years patrolling the district of San Francisco, which includes the famous bridge "Golden Gate" - one of the most beautiful buildings in the world. Unfortunately, the bridge is popular not only among tourists but also among decided to settle accounts with the life of citizens: Kevin does not just have to save the desperate lost souls who intend to go on his last flight or, for example, to shoot himself.

Someone has calculated that on average every month through Briggs manages to save two potential suicides, so for him it has long been a familiar part of the service routine. For two decades, a misfire occurred only once: 22-year-old young man did not heed the arguments of Kevin and yet committed suicide. This performance could envy of many superheroes. Distinguished Service colleagues gave Briggs ironic, but certainly honorable nickname of "Guardian of the Golden Gate».

British diplomat saved thousands of Jews during the Holocaust.

Many people know the name of Oskar Schindler, a German industrialist, who in the years of persecution and extermination of the Jews has provided shelter and work for many of them, thus freeing about 1,200 people from the gas chambers and the ovens "death camps." Nevertheless, it goes about it, and about Frank Foley - British intelligence officer who gave life to nine thousand Jews.

He was probably one of the most obscure heroes of the Second World War: the humble servant of the British Embassy in Berlin, used his position to forge passports, allowing fleeing Nazi domination freely selected from the country. Officer Foley even succeeded to pull out of the clutches of the Gestapo concentration camp prisoners, with the help of visas and travel documents allowing them an alibi.

His feat is almost unknown to the general public, since until his death in 1958, Frank preferred to keep his mouth shut: the information he possessed, could cause significant damage to diplomatic relations of the European powers, first and foremost, of course, Germany and the UK . In 2004, the Government of the United Kingdom declassified some circumstances activities Foley, recognizing his services to the victims of the Holocaust.

The mechanics of "Titanic" sacrificed themselves so that passengers can be evacuated.

Catastrophe "unsinkable" "Titanic" has become one of the largest in the history of navigation, and even since the tragedy took place more than a century, it continues to dedicate movies, books, and other works of art.

According to eyewitnesses, the sinking ocean liner was like a huge brightly lit city, stretching into the depths of the waters, but few think about why in fact on the "Titanic" almost until the last moment electricity works, because, logically, all the passengers and crew tried to like soon as possible to leave the ship.

The merit of maintaining the lighting entirely owned by the engineers and stokers vessel: is distraught with fear of high society representatives rushed in search of boats free, workers hold selflessly remained in their places. Thanks to the courage of the crew light burning for 45 minutes, which saved several hundred lives.

British schoolgirl has warned tourists tsunami.

10-year-old Tilly Smith and her family rest in the resorts of Thailand, sunbathing on the beach and examining sights. One day the tourists have noticed an unusual phenomenon: the sea at first that "boil" and then became "swell" like yeast dough. Idle beach goers curiously observed the process without feeling any danger, but Tilly knew immediately what threatens "boiling" ocean - shortly before the lesson of geography they were told about the signs of approaching tsunami.

The girl immediately cried out in a loud voice his suspicions, but her parents and other "sober" thinking self-confident adults did not believe it and continued to enjoy a unique spectacle. Finally, cries and screams Tilly have the desired effect - the Smiths decided to leave the beach, but before that they shared assumptions daughter to one of the beach staff, who immediately ordered the evacuation of tourists.

The victims of the huge wave of more than 250-thousand people in 13 countries, but on the beach, where Tilly was not hurt anybody, because her family and nearly a hundred other tourists managed to take in a safe area.

The head of security service one of the corporations had foreseen the attack 9/11

Horror number of victims of the terrorist attack on the "Twin Towers", many people forget that under certain circumstances they could be much more: for example, if Rick Rescorla, head of security financial company «Morgan Stanley» (it occupied most of the South Tower) , was not as far-sighted.

Rick, an experienced military and veteran of the Vietnam War, led the security department of the company in 1990 and soon developed his own plan for the evacuation of the building, which after the collapse of the northern twin allowed a few minutes to withdraw from the second tower more than 2,700 employees of the corporation. < br />
Thanks downright brilliant insight Rica under the rubble of the building of the South only 13 people were killed. Unfortunately, one of them turned himself: after the evacuation of most staff Rescorla returned to the tower in search of stragglers, and at this point in the second plane crashed into her with suicide at the helm.

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