LEARN to get up early

Morning awakening for many is an unpleasant procedure. Getting up early has to everyone who works in the office or at work. It is important to learn how to get up quickly. This will help you with the following tips.
1. Locate the logical justification of early morning awakening. They can become a statement that afternoon to sleep failures or that in life you need to have time to do much. Pick up the motivation for themselves.

2. Forget all about the button «snooze» on the alarm clock. Place it on a certain time. Service Calls - get up and not looking for a hand off his treasured button. Be aware of the consequences of "5 more minutes!". These 5 minutes could increase to 30. Every minute of your stay in bed after waking up can lead to sleep. And then, late for work and going in a hurry, you only spoil your mood, and all the day ahead.

3. It should be good and full of sleep. For relaxation, a person should sleep at least 8 hours a day. If you do not get enough sleep, it does not matter what time you get up. Still feeling is bad. Just enough sleep is able to energize for the day.

4. Getting up early helps a pleasant place to relax. The bedroom should be cozy and relaxing. It has a value and color of the wallpaper, and the brightness of a lamp, and quality bedding. The pillow should be comfortable, pajamas - warm, and the air in the room - fresh. Therefore, before going to bed it is recommended to ventilate the bedroom.

5. Learn how to get up quickly and fully enough sleep can help positive thoughts before bed. Do not think about the problems, to remember unpleasant situations arising in the afternoon. Create your own ritual of falling asleep. It may be reading a book, listening to soft music, and so on. D.

6. Avoid the so-called "Night Trap" when the hand she reaches for the TV remote or interesting magazines. Even more dangerous computer. Before you know it, and already morning.

7. Do not abuse the heavy meal before bedtime. Not for nothing is said that the lack of dinner - the key to a good night's sleep. Alcohol and caffeinated beverages (tea, coffee) is also undesirable to use.

8. Take at bedtime shower or a bath with lavender oil or facilities with the addition of chamomile, rosemary or lavender. It is very relaxing and soothing.
I hope the above tips will help you learn how to get up early. Good night!


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