10 facts about Knight

Romantics not read!
1. It turns out that the knights were stunted. At the turn of the XIV-XV centuries average growth knight rarely exceeded 1, 60 m (when the population was generally low-growing).

2. unshaven and unwashed face average knight often been disfigured by smallpox, as in Europe in those days, almost all the sick.

3. Under the knight's helmet, his hair matted and dirty in the folds of his clothes in a multitude swarmed lice and fleas. Ban in medieval Europe, as we know, was not, and the knights were washed no more than three times a year.

4. matted beards of chivalry often stuck leftovers, and God knows what else.

5. As the teeth in those days no one cleaned, mouth Knight smelled so strongly that for modern ladies would have been a terrible ordeal, not only to kiss him, but even to stand next. By the way, it is often the main snack knights were garlic, which they used for disinfection.

6. Knight teeth by the age of 25 was not a complete set. So, most of all, during a conversation he had much lisp.

7. During the campaign medieval knight the clock was encased in armor, which he, for all his desire could not remove without help. Procedure on and off armor takes about an hour. For this reason, all her noble knight celebrated need ... right in the armor.

8. Medieval archives provide a lot of evidence that women during the Knights lived a very hard time.

The noble chivalric environment was made during the campaigns to force the village virgins, and the more of these "exploits" made a knight errant - the more he was respected.

9. noble ladies of medieval knights is also concerned by today's standards, very rough, completely ignoring their views and wishes.

10. The concept of protection of female honor knights were very specific: every knight felt obliged to discourage a woman from fellow sword.

Opinions ladies, with no one asking, it automatically getting any to those who won the dismantling of chivalry.


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