TYPES OF HANDSHAKE: How to make a good impression and learn SETTINGS interlocutor.

Handshake is deeply rooted in the past. In ancient times, people have been open palm to show their lack of weapons. The ancient Romans had a bad habit of hiding in the sleeves dress daggers, so they themselves had been invented and introduced shaking the wrists at a meeting at waist level. Later this movement is transformed into a handshake. It began to be used at the conclusion of business transactions in the XIX century. In most countries, a hand shake between five and seven times in Germany - two or three times, after which the hand is held for some time. And most often used French handshake.

At the first handshake, you can figure out how to set up your interlocutor. This can be dominance, submission, or equality. These signals are sent and are perceived subconsciously affect the outcome of the meeting.

1. Dominance
It is transmitted by turning your hand so that it was under the hand of the interlocutor, turned palm up. The same thing can do, and you, thus showing that a dominant position.

2. Submission
With this handshake interlocutor makes it so that his hand is lower, thus indicating that the decision will take you. Likewise, you can use this handshake to show their obedience (with the head, for example) or if you want to apologize for something.

3. Equality
When two equal energetic man handshake turns into a kind of power play and thus palms remain in an upright position. This handshake immediately establishes an atmosphere of equality and respect. Very often, these interviewees are not inferior to each other in the negotiations.

A small digression. Shaking hands is necessary to take into account with whom you meet. For example, violinists, pianists, artists and neurosurgeons can shake hands very carefully, so as not to damage it. Also handshake is weak, if a person has problems with joints or have hand injury. Do not count on a favorable outcome of the case, if you compress strongly and vigorously shake the hand of a person suffering from arthritis. So be careful.

If you feel that you are going to want to drive a handshake in the "subordinate" position, there are several options to avoid this.

Reception "Step right»
The authors of the book "The new body language" of the Council before the handshake step forward left foot, approaching the other party. Then step right and shake hands. So you invade personal space interlocutor and will be able to take control of the situation by moving a handshake in the category of equal or even dominant (on your part). Of course, to make it nice and quietly, you need to practice.

Reception "palm top»
If the other party is trying to move his hand in a dominant position (ie, over your), do not resist. But then cover it with the right hand with his left hand. It turns shaking hands with both hands and your hand is on top.

Handshake with both hands - a demonstration of sincerity and depth of feeling. This handshake you can see between friends who have not seen, or relatives (and here it may well turn into a hug). The left hand expresses the depth of feelings initiator handshake. Therefore, the place where the left hand handshake initiator is on the right hand of the interlocutor, plays a very important role. But in this way not only the initiator can show their closeness, but also to establish full control.

For example, shaking elbow demonstrates greater affinity (or control) than shaking your wrist. To people feel comfortable with such a handshake, it must be really close to you. If you try to shake hands with the man so that everyone had seen only a few times in my life (of course, to demonstrate the special relationship), then this will cause him only more distrust and perhaps even fear. For him, it will look as if you're trying to hold him back, so he did not run away.

Before you shake hands, think carefully how best to do it. Take into account with whom you met and what outcome you expect. And I want to note once again that most people shake hands completely unconsciously and hardly specifically will try to put your hand in a subordinate position. In handshake shows their character and attitude, so be careful.


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