1. "Clean hands". That means we do not take too much. It also refers to the fortieth, tenth or any other part of the revenue that should be given to those who need it.
2. "Clean ears." This means not to listen to people frightened, angry, fussy, and so on, as well as to protect your hearing from swearing, gossip and idle talk.
3. "Clean Eye." This is to protect eyes from hatred, anger, envy and lust.
4. "The purity of his mouth." This means to protect your mouth from unnecessary verbiage and profanity. "Silence - goldĀ».
5. "The purity of the body and clothes." This means to keep body and clothes clean.
6. "purity of thought." This means to remove the head of negative thoughts and evil thoughts. It also means not to show mercy to him. Why feel sorry for yourself? Is not it better to cheer yourself for bright beginnings?
7. "The purity of the soul and the heart." It means to preserve and protect their emotional impulses and not ignore them. Love and do not ask anything in return. Love is in itself happiness.


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