10 ways to improve your memory:

Do you know why children are all grasp on the fly? Because they constantly train your brain. Memory - this is a very powerful tool, but it comes into disrepair, if not to use it for a long time. What are you doing to your brain to stay active and productive?
We offer you 10 ways to improve memory and self-development.
1. Read a good book
While reading, you are forcing the brain to store information about the heroes of the book, about their characters, feelings and events. In the brain, there are clear images and stimulate the imagination. Thus, reading improves your memory, develop intelligence and increases vocabulary.

2. Computer games
Gamers will be pleased to know that they do not just spend their time behind the monitor, and train your brain. But there is one thing ... To train your brain enough half-hour game, a maximum of one hour, but not the whole evening or day. During the intellectual or logical game you have to think, choose a strategy, to plan further action. If you have a routine job, the half-hour game can maintain your brain active.

3. Sleep
Healthy eight hours of sleep is vital to maintain the brain in good condition. During the day, your brain decides all sorts of challenges and problems - from the simple to the very complex, so the night he needed a good rest tomorrow to again effectively solve your problem.

4. Learn something new
Think about what you would like to learn what you like most and do it. Try your hand at a new hobby - perhaps it will be horseback riding or painting. Try to write a poem or a story for children. Do something you've never done, and let your brain actively participate in it.

5. Get rid of routine
Do extraordinary things and take spontaneous decisions. For example, replace your morning coffee fresh juice, try to learn to write with his left hand, change the usual route - so you learn how to get rid of the routine.

6. Work with numbers
Do you remember the multiplication table? And remember, as it was considered in the mind? We can not imagine my life without calculators desktop or phone. And you try to manually calculate their shopping in the supermarket or make other calculations in mind. This will not only make your brain work, but potreniruetes memory.

7. Teach your heart
How many poems you know by heart? But children know dozens of poems. You can learn nursery rhymes with your children, or memorize a dozen (or more) of the favorite poems of classics or contemporary poets. So you not only train the memory, but also to touch the beautiful. And someday you will surprise your colleagues or relatives to recite some poem.

8. Tell us about the last
Try to tell someone your day yesterday, with those from the end, ie What did you do in the evening, during the day, how did your day yesterday. Looking to the near or more distant past, you activate the memory and do not give her a chance to erase this information as unnecessary.

9. Learning foreign languages ​​
Learning foreign languages ​​is a great workout for the brain, and in the life of this knowledge is always useful. Make it a rule to learn day at least ten new words. When the master tempo, you can take up the phrase.

10. Increase your vocabulary
To discover new words every day. It may be the general concepts, and your specialization. Use a dictionary to find the interpretation of the word unknown to you or pick you known synonyms for the word. Try to use new words in their everyday speech.

If you do not regularly use your memory, you will lose it. To your memory unabated, use these 10 tips to keep a wall. They will not take much of your time, but soon you will feel how effective was the work your brain.


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