20 words that you did not know:

1. Glabella. This space between the eyebrows. Now you look at glabella Ryan Gosling. Congratulations;)
2. Vagitus. Cry of a newborn baby.

3. Chunking. Consciously or unconsciously, spitting food

4. Zarf. Wrap (scarf) on the outside of a plastic cup of coffee. Created in order to avoid burns.

5. Giggli Viggli. The paper sticking out from the top of the Hershey candy

6. Snolligoster. The man guided by personal advantage rather than job duties and universal principles. Often used to refer to politicians.

7. Natiforma. Natural formations, usually trees, rocks, stones that resemble a female form (priest or chest)

8. Columella. The space between the nostrils.

9. Rhinorrhea. The lingering runny

10. Punt. The bottom part of the bottle of wine.

11. Dzhamays vu. What happens when you say one word so long that it loses its meaning. Example. "It was a pose pose pose ... the day before yesterday»

12. misophonia. Uncontrollable rage against a man who loudly or breathing eat during a meal with you.

13. River. Spaces, which are randomly vertical column blank in the text.

14. Nёrdl. It is a small piece of toothpaste that does not want to separate from the tube.

15. The Baader Meinhof Phenomenon. When you see something for the first time, and then begin to notice it everywhere. For example, a new car model.

16. Kollivubl. Rumbling in the belly of hunger

17. Keeper. Leather loop on the belt that holds the free tip buttoned strap.

18. Frisson. Chill while listening to music that you like.

19. PACKET. The band (fold) at the inner side of the wrist.

20. L'Esprit d'Escalier. The moment when, after a quarrel, you realize that the wrong, but it's too late.


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