5 ways to get up early those who ignore the sleep mode

Why need sleep? Breaking the proper mode of sleep in favor of other "important Affairs", we reassure ourselves that we'll find time to sleep sometime later. However, often this does not happen and the body takes its to the detriment of our productivity, energy levels and overall health.

Why is it necessary to get up early?
  • "Early birds" definitely have an opportunity to make significantly more cases than their colleagues-owls.
  • In the morning the brain works much more efficiently, which means we can generate more cool and useful ideas.
  • We have time to eat a full Breakfast and get to work without traffic jams.
  • In a good mood. To get up in a good mood, even at 6am — it's real.
And that's not all. Don't have to become a yogi or go on a course on time management to follow good habits.

The website will tell you about 5 important steps towards this goal.

1. Early bedtimes

Sleep is the restoration of forces, so an early rise, without considering how many people went to bed, — a blunder.

  • Optimal sleep time for a healthy adult is 8 hours.
  • From 9 to 12 hours — if you are tired, unwell or have experienced severe emotional or physical shock.
Perhaps you will be enough and 6 hours under ideal condition the body and nervous system, and if you are in love, you crazy burn project, there is a very little child or there are other crazy things. But this is usually short term phenomena, and such things are best used sparingly.

2. To get up early, need an early

This point is closely interconnected with the previous one: the paradox is that rapid sleep contributes to ordinary physical and moral fatigue. That is why it is so important for not only a lot of work, but also to exercise. When your day is painted on minutes, and you literally crawl to the bed, the body is able to take in a deep sound sleep.

3. Half-hour NAPs

Check what time energy decline is felt most acutely. Assign a break at this hour. Day dreamer for just 2030 minutes will give you back the attentiveness and productivity. And at the end of the day you're still full of energy, not squeezed like a lemon, therefore, even more time, you will be pleased with yourself and have a nice evening.

4. In the morning put 2 alarms

  • Buy 2 and put alarm clock away from the bed.
  • Select the nastiest tunes and set the interval between calls in 5 minutes.
  • Ready!
Sociable son it fit great social service Budist.ru where people who need to rise at the same time, automatically call.

5. Get night rituals

Daily rituals such as washing and brushing your teeth, is rather a necessity, and they would not work. Select what you would like to make, take for new habits the time before bedtime. It will prepare you for a peaceful night and relieve the burdens of the day.

As options will come up short 20 minute walk before going to bed or reading of literature. The first will help to freshen up and to put in order thoughts and the second to forget about all things immersed in the world of book heroes.

General advice: don't try dramatically "to implement" all good habits. Better progressive from week to week to move to the desired rhythm, not retreating. The transformation from owl to lark might seem a daunting task, but the body gets used much faster than you think. And for early risers!

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