9 ways of persuasion and influence on people.

1. Framing
This technique is often used in politics. The most popular example of framing - inheritance tax. Politicians who oppose the estate tax will be to call it a tax on death. Using the word "death" instead of "legacy" causes all kinds of unpleasant associations.

2. Reflection
Reflect someone - it means to imitate his movements. Movement can be almost invisible, but the most obvious of them - it's hand gestures, leaning forward or backward, the various movements of the head or hands. All that is needed - this is exactly follow the movement of the interlocutor. All we're doing it unconsciously, and if you look closely, you might catch himself on it. I know I caught.

3. Deficit
This technique is used in full advertisers. Chances are, whatever they may be, have attracted far more if we restrict access to them.
This method can be successfully applied to the common man in a suitable situation. But more importantly, knowing this technique, you'll keep on the lookout. Stop and think about how you influenced by the fact that the quantity of goods is limited? If the product is missing, then it must be a huge demand, right?

4. Mutual exchange
There is an old saying: "Do unto others ...". When someone does something for us, we feel obligated to repay the same. Therefore, if you want someone to do for you something nice, why not do for him something nice first?
In the business world, you may pass the initiative. If you're at home - borrow the neighbor lawn mower. No matter where or when you do it, the main thing - to initiate a relationship.

5.Tayming (timing)
Usually people are more complaisant and pliant when they are mentally tired. Before you ask someone about something, what he can not immediately agree, try to wait for a better time, as long as this person does not do anything that requires considerable mental effort. You can catch the end of the day the employee at the output, and no matter what you asked for, most likely, he will say: "I'll do it tomorrow».

6. Congruence
All we subconsciously try to act consistently. One good example - is a technique used by sellers. Seller shakes your hand, pending negotiations with you. Most people shaking associated with the completion of the transaction. Thus, making it before the deal was concluded, the seller better chance to negotiate with you.
A good way to use this method - it is to persuade people to take action before it turns on the mind. For example, if you are walking with a friend and you want to go to the movies, and he can not be solved, you can go towards the theater until he decides.

7.Plavnaya it
During the conversation, we often use small exclamations and phrases expressing uncertainty, such as "uh ..." or "means" and, of course, the ubiquitous "type". These words-parasites inadvertently give the impression that we do not believe in yourself, and thus less convincing.
If you speak with confidence, it will be easier to convince others.

8.Stadny instinct
We are all born with a tendency to follow others. It is sad, but true. We are always looking for those who determine our actions; we need approval.

9. Friends and authorities
We are more likely to give himself to be persuaded, and follow those who we like or who is our authority. In addition, knowing that these tricks, you will not get to them, they can also be applied to other. You will be surprised how easy it is to please people and become their authority.
Apply a few ideas in practice, and let us know if you suddenly become more sell, they'll tell you the favor, or you will become an expert in diplomacy and persuasion at work!


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