3 easy ways to increase their intellectual force

1. Put your mouse pad on the other side
Yes, nothing could be easier.

Putting mat on the other hand, you force yourself to use the hand, which use less. This, in turn, stimulates the neural connections between the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Scientific studies have confirmed that people who use both hands equally, a 100% increase of nerve fibers connecting the two sides of the brain.

Ideally, you should make as much as possible the nondominant hand action, but in some cases it can be difficult. I tried to brush your teeth with your left hand, but as a result the entire raid was on my teeth.

Start using the mouse with the other hand easily. The first couple of days it may seem strange, and you have to return everything in place when you use programs that require frequent and rapid "clicking with." But after a period of adjustment you will be almost equally well to use the mouse in both hands.

2. Force yourself to remember

Sometimes you want to remember the name of the song you sing now, or the name of an old friend who passed by. These words swirling in your head, right on the tip of your tongue, but you can not remember them. What should I do in this situation? Perhaps ask the name from some friend nearby. And when you call a name, you may even exclaim: "Well, of course! That's it! »

The next time you happen to like, force yourself to remember this name. The brain can be trained as muscles, and the more you practice, the stronger it becomes.

Do not limit yourself to just the names. You call my mother to ask her uncle's phone? Forget the pen and paper - you can remember it. Look at the buttons of your phone to create a picture in your mind of how you like numbers.

The worst that can happen - you have to call my mother again ...

3. Play games that require thinking

You do not have to participate in the Olympiad in mathematics to develop the capabilities of its brain. No such simple games like sudoku or crosswords, will have a tangible effect on the activity of your brain.

It is very important to regularly, so try to make these games and exercises part of your daily life. For example, you can solve crossword puzzles on the way to or from work to home. Personally, every day I'm playing a game of chess before starting work. It takes about 15 minutes, but provides a good start to the day for my brain.


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