6 plants that will help increase breast and support women's health!

breast size - a sore subject for many girls and women. Unfortunately, the current state of the environment and the modern way of life associated with stress have a negative impact on women's health ...
To bring the female hormones in order, you must use the herbs! Traditional medicine believes in the phytoestrogens Natural remedies have no side effects, and are shown to be safe for women at any age. It's certainly better than breast augmentation surgery ...

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Phytoestrogens present in dandelions, promote healthy tissue growth. This plant can be used as a dietary supplement, consume, and fresh and dried form.


Milk or milk thistle - a plant that reduces fluid retention in various tissues of the body, it improves blood circulation, promotes the menstrual cycle and helps increase breast in a natural way.

dong quai (angelica Chinese)

This herb, which is also called "female ginseng", solves any problems with the reproductive system, it helps bring the hormones in order. Through use of the root of this plant increases the number of progesterone in the female body, which is important for the health of breast cells.


Tea with fennel - a wonderful tool that can help to increase a breast! Very good as a cream or lotion with fennel, which can be rubbed in the chest. This herb is rich in phytoestrogens, and other phytonutrients, has a positive effect on women's health, thanks to them there is a natural increase bust

Red Clover

Red clover contains a substance genistein , in their action resembles the female hormone estrogen. It is recommended to use for women with painful periods and want to increase their breast.


Fenugreek, or fenugreek , - not only medicinal herb, spice and fragrant! It stimulates the production of estrogen and prolactin due to human consumption helps increase the breasts , it is recommended to breastfeeding mothers.

These herbs are extremely effective, they can be eaten - there are plenty of dietary supplements with extracts of these herbs. Also welcome emulsions, creams, lotions and lotions: breast increases without surgical intervention

! Women's Health - a very delicate thing. Before taking any chemical drugs, should turn to a proven means of traditional medicine, which is not exactly harm your health!


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