In today's world, often there is a mixture of all kinds of art. This trend has created a lot of unique and interesting works. Today I would like to tell you about the most famous fashion-designers, whose work is devoted to books and films.

Coco Chanel - the most famous fratsunzhenka, brought into the world of fashion "little black dress" and «Chanel№5», but apart from that it is - a terrific personality and smart woman. She leads the list of fashion designers in the number of books and films about her.

Henri Guidel "Coco Chanel." Henri Guidel tells in her book of the brightest events in the life of Coco, including the relationship with Igor Stravinsky. This biography will help form an idea about the life of Chanel, as well as show her enthusiasm and dedication to the profession.

Marseille Edrih "The Curious Case of Coco Chanel." This book will appeal to all connoisseurs of the fashion world. Firstly, it is worth noting its design (supplied with unique photos tab). Secondly, Edrih stops exactly on the work of Chanel, furtively talking about the biography. The author carries out a holistic study of the phenomenon of Chanel.

Claude DeLay "Lonely Chanel». The book was published in 1983 and immediately became a bestseller. This is not surprising, because the author - the closest friend of Chanel. Claude DeLay tried to create a work of fiction, telling the vicissitudes of life Coco.

Edmond Charles-Roux "Chanel ne'er-do." Author's emphasis is on the creative path of the famous fashion designer.

Justine Picardie «Coco Chanel. The Legend and the Life ". The incredible and amazingly deep book of the French writer and journalist. The work reveals the most hidden corners of the mysterious soul of Chanel, and is replete with lots of unknown up to this point of the background of the great Coco.

Christian Dyuguey "Coco Chanel." It's not just a movie, it's a show about the life "fashion icons" of the twentieth century. The story of Chanel's life from early childhood in a French orphanage. It affects all the turning points of her fate. A beautiful story about life, love, fashion, art.

Anne Fontaine, "Coco Before Chanel". This tape tells the story of young Chanel. The director said in numerous interviews that in preparation for filming, watching pictures devoted to that era, a lot of reading about Mademoiselle Chanel. That's what this film is, in the words of the Anne:
Always informative track that as a man, was originally sentenced to a poor, miserable life, was able to meet and overcome the circumstances, to go against fate and rise to the top. More interesting to see how people find their calling. Coco Chanel had no idea what her way. You could say that she found herself accidentally.

Jan Coenen "Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky". The film closed the Cannes Film Festival 2009. It was a revelation, as the picture shows the most personal experiences of the famous designer - her relationship with Igor Stravinsky. So much passion, tenderness and love was not in one of her previous relationships ...

Alexander McQueen - untimely deceased and incredibly talented designer. He is known for his trigger. Commander of the Order of the British Empire, and four times been named the best British designer of the year.

Kristin Knox "Alexander McQueen, Genius generation." The book has been recognized as a sensation. It was the first biography of the famous British designer. The only "but" - it includes only 128 pages and 120 photos, is certainly not to create a holistic impression of the person McQueen. The journalist pays particular attention to career McQueen, his establishment in the fashion world.

About the designer of films has not yet taken off, but do not restrain myself and I note the work of the master himself - "Plato's Atlantis." The famous fashion magazine described this film dedicated to the display of spring-summer 2010:
This exquisitely gloomy hypnotic film, which presents a great race favorites, the all-powerful amphibious Amazons. Moving to claw design with a 10-inch heels, with the bodies, peeps through the amazing complexity of the dresses with digital prints, patterns circling the stage, equipped with two automatic hands with a remote control, to transmit their images on a huge screen.

Christian Dior - great fashion designer, whose name has long been synonymous with very fashion and style. It is known to all, not even interested in the fashion-industry in general. Global name and a legendary man.

The most famous book about him written by him :) Talented people - talented in everything. There are, of course, a number of books devoted to the history of fashion, where the name Christian Dior, of course, present, but something more artistic, unfortunately, no.

Christian Dior "Dior on Dior. Autobiography". Read the story of the man himself - it is at least interesting. Moreover, we have a person of this magnitude! The book is structured in such a way that the reader immediately an association with a personal diary, and it, doubly interesting!

Also, the very famous "Dictionary of Christian Dior's fashion," in which Christian Dior recounts that in his view - the taste, style and elegance.

In 2005, a documentary Philip Lanfranshi "Christian Dior - living legend", which brought fame to the director. In it the author seeks to answer the question: what is the secret of success of Christian Dior?

Giorgio Armani - the incomparable Italian designer clothes. His collections of the most famous dream of the stars of Hollywood!

Renata Molho "Being Armani" - the first and so far the only biography of Giorgio Armani. The book shows the formation of an unknown, but incredibly talented young man, who is now recognized around the world tastemakers.

Hal Lewis' philosophy of Giorgio Armani style "- a documentary film in 2006. This film tells us that
... Many people find themselves at the right time in the right place, but very few understand how to properly and efficiently dispose of their success. Giorgio Armani is managed.

Vivienne Westwood - a name known to all who love shocking, drive and fun. Vivienne - founded his inimitable style in fashion. She has 70 years, but it continues to create magnificent collections to this day.

Gillian Greenwood documentary was filmed back in 1990's. We prepare other grandiose projects (hope they still held). This film tells the story of what has affected the very Vivienne in the years of its formation and creative search.

In May, a new book of the famous German photographer Juergen Teller «Get a Life». The publication will be the third in a series of publications on the Teller campaigns Vivienne Westwood. It consists of only 32 pages devoted to the spring-summer collection of Westwood. Participation in the shootings took Pamela Anderson, Vivienne herself and Tati Kotlyar.


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