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The history of the emergence of leather gloves trimmed leads us into the wildest jungle. Some experts argue that fingerless gloves were invented by George Washington during the American Civil War. However, the invention of the president quickly forgotten. Other sources claim that the gloves have lost fingers during the French Revolution. One thing is clear - there gloveletty mitts and not from a quiet life. And in the '80s, when they again asserted themselves and began to attribute punks and nonconformists, no one thought that soon such, to put it mildly, affordable accessories oblyubuyut famous designers.

Dali Exclusive / Alpa Gloves

Before accessing the trends should explain the differences between the mitts and gloveletty. Fingerless gloves - this glove, which is almost completely bare fingers. Separated in such accessories only the thumb.
Well, if mitts today at the hearing, it is necessary to glovelettah only fantasize. And everything is much simpler: it is called the Circumcision gloves, bares only upper phalanges, each of which has a "your house».


This season gloveletty introduced the world to Alexander McQueen. Very unusual accessories and very much in the spirit of the brand.

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen

I must say that this season mitts even appeared on "high podium." And these models look elegant. Color python ever in fashion. And Armani proof.

Giorgio Armani

Do you want to be a trend? Then, experts advise to pay attention to gloveletty leather with holes. Yes, these are the gloves were popular among male motorists at the beginning of the last century. Today without them can not do any avtoledi.

Sabellino / Alpa Gloves

More feminine model will be an excellent complement to the image of the spring.


But leather mitts with native girlish attributes - patterns and bows - will be a real decoration for those who are willing to show their ease.



Do not forget about color. I would like to classics - choose black, white, brown. Ishesh bold decisions - look for bright colors.

Alpa Gloves

Alpa Gloves


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