How to stop swear?

Curse words so filled lexicon of Russian-speaking people, it's hard to find a place where they could hide their ears from matershiny. This phenomenon is widespread in our country and, unfortunately, very familiar.
Some resorted to the mat, expressing their emotions, often negative, but often the emotions of happiness and satisfaction, accompanied by selective mats; Others do it to constantly communicate.

Children and adults mother when cursing and admired when something without having in his lexicon of other words that could express their emotional mood.
So what mate? Part of modern culture? Opportunity to seem cooler? Or is it a plague in our society?
Whatever it was, mate - one of our addictions

Instructions Difficulty: It is not easy))
Step 1
Something to stop doing, make sure that it is not good for you or even harmful.
So, to stop swear we must realize that the mat - it's not just savory words that make you cooler, and that they are "deadly weapon" against yourself.

Step 2
To make sure of the harm the mat, you must know where its roots come. As is known, any roots, and fruits such.
There are people who study the origin of words.
One of the professors came to the conclusion that the words which we call obscene, descended from pagan spells that are intended to destroy the human race, bring fertility to the nation. No wonder, all these words in one way or another connected with the reproductive organs of men and women.
That is the true purpose of these words - a kind of curse.
Other scientists have concluded that constant pronunciation swear words leads to hormonal imbalance in the body. Men it threatens early impotence, women - an excessive amount of male hormones in the body.
And another group of independent researchers concluded that the mat is caused by mutations of DNA molecules.
As you can see, scientists who study the origin and properties of obscene words, come to the same conclusion - this vocabulary has destructive properties adversely affect human health and the continuation of its kind.

Step 3
Now the choice is yours.
Either you close your eyes to the information received and continue to live as before. Or make an effort to clean up your language from addiction (or dependence).

So, if you decide to get rid of bad language, read a few tips that will hopefully help you to stop swear:
 - Once and for all hammer in his head - "I do not matter at women and children!".
 - Watch for situations in which you want to use mats. Analyze them, try the next time behave differently. If you are unable to influence the situation and change it, change your attitude towards it.
 - Try to find all over the positive side, a la "And it's not so bad!".
 - Get your endurance and stamina. Interesting - there are several people with whom you do not dare to utter obscene words. Right? This, for example, mother, your director, an old neighbor ... If so, it turns out that in other possible not to use foul language, if want.
 - If you - a man of faith and religion, we advise you to seek help from the saints. There are cases of healing from profanity.
 - Music. Listen to her. Good, quality. Do not forget the classics. It will soothe your nervous system, and it is precisely because of nerve irritations you often want to mother.
 - Read more literary classics. The subconscious will eventually learn new words, which in the future will replace the mats, killing them in your lexicon.


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