Why do blondes feel stupid and so?

Historians believe that the light color hair subconsciously associate people with a developed and a sharp mind. This association is rooted in antiquity, when the experience of surviving in extreme conditions Neolithic ancestors valued very highly.

In the society of elderly people offered up, that is, who were able to live up to the noble gray. Therefore, fair-haired women also enjoyed great attention and are more desirable on an instinctive level.

Such adoration immediate impact on behavior - the blonde could afford a more responsible approach to the choice of a father for his children, their favor was more difficult to achieve.

Offended men began to repeat the folly of blondes - because it is easier to write off worthless and unattractive.
Opinion shared by the British American psychologists. They argue that, contrary to accepted stereotypes, blonde much more resolute and self-confident than the burning brunette, brown-haired and red.


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