Roogna mat

I am with my ex-wife went to some kind of celebration to her numerous relatives in the village. Among the guests were present and children.

So here is one of six otorvochka constantly swearing and accusations older did not pay attention. And now, one of the guests once again turns to the girl:
 - Vera, stop swear, otherwise you punish bozhenka.
What Verka said that the type of "no xy # will not" and then turns around and wants to run to continue to play with other children. But an unexpected obstacle in the form of a table it stops running, it beats the corner of the temple, shouting, roaring, wailing adults. The noise from the kitchen enters her mother and trying to figure out what was wrong. What sobbing daughter gives the following:
 - It is something that God has punished me. I told Baba Lyuba not swear, or God will punish you, and I said "no xy # will not," and he told me how e # is not in the forehead.


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