Happy people do not think Mat

Happy lyudin I think mate,
Wrapped in a blanket,
Helplessly crumpled;

Not treated whiskey.
Do not sleep with your phone;
Not reach for risk;
No Smoking from the balcony;

Do not breathe tired
Stranger nicotine;
Don't sleep with anyone;
Do not drink aspirin;

Do not pour past the Cup
To drink tablets;
Don't go in the shirt
In looked cell;

Do not tear the photos;
Not looking for a cartridge;
Do not cry at night
To wheeze and groan;

Do not write "tell me";
Do not believe as children;
Happy people –
They are not on the Internet.published

© Valeria Yakovenko

The legend of the Woman

The FATE or choice of the SOUL


Source: www.stihi.ru/2011/08/23/7744


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