10 reasons to be happy

Everyone knows the expression Prutkov "If you want to be happy, be it".

But a desire to be happy enough. More often than not lack motivation - he does not know why he be happy.

Below are 10 reasons why you should be happy:

1. Happy people have more energy. In a happy person has a lot of energy and its efficiency increases several times.
2. Happy people are quick learners. Happy man open to new knowledge and assimilate all much faster.
3. Happy people are more motivated. Good motivation - this is a 80% success rate.
4. Happy people are more creative. When you are happy, you have plenty of new ideas.
5. Happy people make better decisions. Happy people make the right decisions, because they do not live under constant stress, which reduces the ability to see their priorities and perspectives.
6. Happy people work better with others. In a happy man much better are the relations with colleagues and thus increases productivity.
7. Happy people solve problems, not complain about them. If a problem occurs just a happy person decides it without complaints of their own destiny, and everything in the world.
8. Happy people are more optimistic. And the way the optimist much more successful and productive.
9. Happy people are less likely to get sick. And saves on tablets.
10. Happy people do not think about the mistakes and make them less so. Happy man does not program yourself up for failure and it happens to him much less.


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