Once again, China is surprising. Pleasantly surprised

In fact, last semester ended and I decided to ride in Shenyang (Liaoning Province, the regional center). The trip has caused a storm of emotions that all this has resulted in another post (there razmyshlizmy). Judging by the reaction of the people on my previous threads about the Middle Kingdom, it will be interesting. Many photos + text. The end marked.

Traveling at close range, we start with that? That's right, with w \ railway station. And even at the stage of ticket purchase China is beginning to amaze. Tickets are on sale 10 days before the departure of the train. In each ticket bar code. You come to the train, the conductor carries a scanner connection to the database, check and voila - you're on the train.
The farther into the woods, the thicker the wolves. At the entrance to the train station is a metal detector. And baggage shall be x-ray. Plus pictures is prohibited. That frame is more appropriate to the airport, but do not forget that this is a relatively small station in the Chinese city.

And more and thicker at the station ... do not let strangers. If you mourners - is leaving to buy a ticket. If you meet - you wait near the exit. Therefore, railway stations very clean and very few people. I have no idea, why build so huge stations (Station in Shenyang 3 times longer Kazan), if the people there appear only when the train arrives or leaves. Therefore, the traditional gallery locomotives (I have a passion to everything on the rails) do not work out - standing on the platform, police and gently guides you to your car. Like shlyaysya not here ... That is - all that he was able to click. Judging by the frequency of meetings with the locomotive - the most mass model.

Moving to the train. Metaphor about wolves already tired, but it's the only thing that creeps into your head (other than the foul language). Chinese second-class carriage. When you walk along the windows, not clinging to the side shelves, bless the engineers thought of this. It's so easy. Why we are not caught? Who was the first to find the difference?

Making their way to his car. Wagon for the general classification. That is the most disgusting class. Digression.
In China, the train divided into classes.
G - assigned only to express. Because of the requirements - speed higher than 300 km \ h, without stopping. The highest class.
D and Z - the class just below. Requirements for the same speed, but may make several stops. Trains such classes generally run between Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Dalian - ie large cities. Ticket to Ride G-class Beijing-Shanghai (1500 km, 4 hours on the way) costs about $ 50.
T and K - cheap train. Are car with reserved seats, stops a lot of the audience is the poorest. The message inside the province are the most common.
Bezliternye train. Most horror. In fact - trains.
I went to bezliternom. The car - the most disgusting. The rate for an hour was 120-130 km \ h with five or six stops. Tickets cost $ 2 (about 100 km. Air conditioning worked properly. The conductor was washing the floor. And now the photos. Who can find a contrast Peregrine Falcon (amounting to a few hundred dollars) - will receive a chocolate bar.
It turned out very long, but that's what has caused most emotion. Proof of the ticket - the title picture themes. Who does not believe - qunar.com to help.

We go-go-go. And, of course, look out the window. And again I want to swear. I've been thinking, what is missing in the landscape. Then I guessed - ruin. There is poverty. But wherever there is construction, there is life. Grown rice, some other culture. A bunch of farms, fields and pastures. No graffiti. If somewhere visible pile of debris near the dump take them for recycling. Pile working greenhouses. And construction, construction, construction. It seems that the Chinese do not care what, where and how - the main building.
The fact that the photo - a village between Anshan and Shenyang. A real village - who do not believe, there is a photo with geo-tag, you can look. People massively relocated from shack to shack new (the ones in the photo). Of course not free. I later learned - mortgages for those whose houses were demolished - 0% per year. Plus compensation for their housing. Given the cost of square meter in the village of 400-500 dollars over 20 years to pay, I think, no problem ...

And so we got to Shenyang. The first thing you're going to look - the subway. Passing through the vast empty station show ticket at the exit (you'd think at these prices, I'll go hare ...). Here it is, the station 沈 阳 站. Station if Russian. From history.
2005 - approved a plan to build the subway.
2009 - commissioning of the first line. 22 stations
2011 - commissioning of the second line. 20 stations.
Where there flashed the news about the subway in Novosibirsk and their ilk. I really want to swear ...
The photo entry is not in the station, but they are all the same.

Actually, we swam, like a white man to the station. And what we see. And we see a crowd of people buying cards for travel in vending machines. Cards like Moscow - contactless, one and a lot of travel. Cost - from 1 to 4 yuan, depending on the distance. Without a ticket at the last station you will not leave. The fine will be paid (how many - I do not know).
We need to 中 街 - the main street, close to the Forbidden City. Poke the display station, feed the machine ten, it spits out a card and delivery. Moreover, the reptile trifle. A Yuan - they are heavy ... 2 yuan in the negative mood in the Plus.
And then - oops, again a surprise. Again and again the x-ray detector. What are they in this stream have time to reveal a mystery to me, but then have to time it is necessary. Things do not have nothing squeaks - and here, we are at the station.
What is there - and here human wall along the platform. You want - do not fall down. The local population is not an extra thing.
We look at the signs and await the train.

Here it is, the train. Silent, like ... like ... China Railway. Who I still say that in China do stuff, be buried in a half-meter crushed stone pillow and scored solid rubber rails. It turns out that this pillow (well, do not know that perfectly dampens noise). In the car, you can talk quietly. At first I thought, again in Germany, there is also a train crept up from behind, insidiously scared doors open. I, then, naive, thought the sound to navigate.
And here we are in the car. We are looking for a familiar scheme to see how many stations to go. But you figure, rather than the scheme - look at the scoreboard. Red - those stations that have already passed, is off - now there are green - where there will soon be. Plus arrow in the direction of motion - for the very stupid. The station was impossible to miss. But only twenty LEDs ... That is why the concept is simple ???

And here I am, turning the head in all directions, on the sly food ... And how many Chinese people here, huh? I'm in Germany, where, judging by the situation ...
Wagons communicating the way, there is no door. What's interesting - the third rail is gone, replaced by the current collector and the wire along the ceiling.

We got to go out. The first impression - I'm on the Champs Elysees. Everywhere flicker inscription "Rolex", "Gucci", "Apple", "Armani". A lot of people loitering, barkers, advertising lights (I can imagine what's going on in the evening). Met - poor China, where people believe risinki (I've got friends who think so)

Time a little diluted praise this post (and that still think I'm a Chinese intelligence agent and urge to emigrate ...). Just a beautiful building of the old Chinese architecture.

And inside - a jewelry store, where you are met at the entrance of such a thick scheryaschiysya Buddha. Spend your money, ladies and gentlemen. Generated last risinki and buy a platinum bracelet with diamonds. In the rice plantations - the most it ...

Here it is. Here's a place where old meets new China. The gate of the former imperial estate and the new skyscraper. Guess where that or suggest?
Stark contrast. Just some really perception of China has stopped at the level of the stone walls. And about the skyscrapers they do not know ...

The Forbidden City, I did not go ... a lot of buzz wild pay money and shoving in the crowd frenzied tourists. Closer to the fall with a couple people get out and inspect all inside and out. And the prices are lower - the tourist season will take place.
And we move on to wander around the city. And we are seeing a signal tower here. I remember in some book I read that "Chinese locks are light and delicate, designed for aesthetics, rather than keeping the siege." Author be here, and Her head about this beauty openwork ... Yes a few times until it breaks (if the author is right, it should break the tower. If there is no - there is nothing to write garbage ...)

Further, on, time is running out. That we have a building of the city committee of the CCP. Poor, but tasteful, something to say.
The photo is not visible, but it's three buildings and unites them shamrock on top (visible only full-face). Here it is really light and delicate.

It is in this perspective can be seen better. Panorama of the new center is not historical. On the "village with mats," as my grandmother (in fact a clever woman ...) does not sounds like ...
And it is seen there in the distance? ..

Yes, it was he, the fruit of a mad architect. What we had to use to come up with such a mystery to me (opium, after all, already banned). But it looks just gorgeous ...

And we in turn 北陵 公园 - Park Mausoleum. Not the one in Beijing, more modest, but still nothing. This is the entrance to it.

Inside, I also did not go. I'm still a student, and if to go on all the excursions, and without rice stay ... only reached the entrance to the mausoleum, and there smiling guard me and said - or pyao (ticket) or nafig (understandable without translation)

I noticed on the map Local Aviation Museum Aircraft Company. And then I caught fire. For glands, riding on rails, tracks, flying, etc., especially if they are military make me an uncontrollable orgasm. There is already a question was not even - go.
Start of activities. 50th year and one of the first products 沈 阳 飞机 公司 - biplane. Applause.

Product mid-90s. Already looks more modern ...
Note for those who love to scream about the Chinese copying. Yes, that is right. But digging vseredine - where you can climb on all aircraft, even though the turbines Get in, I did not find any foreign parts. Yes, copy. Yes, the quality is worse than the original. But all of their own, depending on any potential enemies, and the quality has recently become much better.
Many have done their pure? ..
This is just an example. I know that the military equipment in the majority of our production. But in China it comes to all - of any goods - from phones to space rockets. Shall be called the Russian mobile phone, washing machine, car and rail \ d locomotive?

And, the development in 2011 - 歼 - 二零 (Chengdu J-20). Of course, none of my photos. These things are secret. Progress is, eh?

And finally, the dream came true idiot - fighter cockpit with all the buttons, ruchechki, Shpuntik and 20,000 obscure devices. All operating and display - a simulator on which to train local pilots. In 5 minutes, which are 3 yuan, I could not even take off. There's a button on the joystick 20 for all thumbs, not including toggle switches and wheels. And most of the little things I did not have ... and remain undefeated enemy ...



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