The most stupid road laws

In the world published a lot of acts affecting their unconventional imaginations untrained person. Frisbees banned land by Westminster Abbey. Cats can not be dried in the microwave, and children - clean off the dirt in the washing machine. Those crazy bureaucratic generation ideas await not only at home but also on the road. Here - the most idiotic laws relating to motorists.


1. In California, employees of law enforcement official car wash is prohibited, if the cloth is used of wearing underwear. When it comes to the common man or personal transport - please. But not the police car and not only lingerie.
Linen, it is for the other.
2. In another US state offense to car alarm, sounded after 21:00 local time near the sandwich bar. Do not forget about it, coming to Arkansas. Where better to please sound horn sleeping areas.

Peace is necessary to protect sandwiches
3. Again, the news from America. From the window of the driver's own vehicle can fire "in any game, except whales." The well did not please the government large mammals and how many fans hunt for whales from the window, history is silent.

Caution! Do not fall into the whale!
4. While in the UK, men need to be careful. In no case can not be written on the rear wheel of the vehicle, holding his right hand. However, women and lovers to grasp the cars left hand law does not apply.

Hands off the car!
5. scorcher than the speed on the roads of Connecticut, not fined and did not even stop. But only in one case - if he is behind the wheel of the bike and managed to develop a speed above 65 miles per hour (about 100 kilometers).


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