Kinder Surprise for adults! 01/26/2013

Designers Naama Steinbock (Naama Steinbock) and Idan Friedman (Idan Friedman) graduated with honors from the Holon Institute of Technology. In 2002, they founded the studio Reddish and since then has collected a number of design awards. The studio specializes in how to design projects remains intriguing. Irrefutable proof of this commitment was the joint project of the studio designer Oded Friedland (Oded Friedland), allowing fans treat yourself to a bottle of good wine to create animals out of traffic jams, a variety of dinner. In total, you can choose six different designs: a monkey, deer, buffalo, bear, hare and the raven. If you collect the entire collection, you can do an experiment to create a fundamentally new type.



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