Gift on March 8

The idea honestly steal from the Internet. I hope not forgotten that on the nose a great holiday.
I think most of the male population of puzzles that is so special to give, how to make a surprise ... Maybe someone will take this idea, thus facilitating their headache. Take Kinder. Carefully remove him zolotinki. Since Kinder will need to return to their original state do everything very carefully. Preferably on the arm which lies Kinder wear heat-insulating (normal, Leather winter) glove because of the heat of hands Kinder chocolate melts very quickly. Removing zolotinki carefully cut along the seam chocolate.

Razpolovinevaem chocolate We reach the container. We are putting a toy to play. After playing continue.

Take a piece of foam. And because it makes the "podium" for decoration.


Beautiful wrapping blank material. And attached it to the workpiece. I'm strapped with tape (blue was not)

The fabric is glued on the glue containing solvents in the foam do not advise. Clay just corrode foam. Next to make tissue incisions, to through holes in the fabric can be fixed in the foam dressing.

Paste jewelery (earrings in my case), resulting in the podium. Coat with adhesive insulating tape, to go to the podium without getting out of the container together with the decoration. Insert the podium in the container. That's what happens. In my looks not bad ...

Next, the most difficult - to collect it all together. Chocolate I glued follows: blade knife heated in hot water warmed chocolate in places cut with a razor, it is done with the two halves. Chocolate freezes for a long time which makes it all the time to do it neatly. Next yellow container put into halves that are glued together. It turns out this way:

It looks certainly not because the factory. But if you think about who pays attention to it when he opens Kinder. Usually when Goldberry foiled chocolates floor has broken down, and whatever it was glued to none not interested.
Then dress egg in zolotinki.

Here's the finished product.



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