Facts about Kinder Surprise

«Kinder Surprise" - a confection of chocolate egg containing a small toy inside; Originally intended for children. Toys are developed both in-house and guest designers, and (of all time) produced by many companies around the miru.

1. "surprise" of chocolate eggs please us since 1972. Their inventor was the Swiss Henry Roth - the designer who came up with the idea of ​​a toy, is placed inside the Kinder Surprise. 2. For countries with a hot climate Kinder Surprise eggs with toys inside Ferrero produced less "fusible" form, called Kinder Joy.

3. In connection with the ubiquitous Internet, manufacturers «Kinder Surprise» was introduced innovation - "Internet-surprise". 4. In February 2007, on eBay collection of 90,000 toys extracted from Kinder Surprise eggs was sold for 30,000 €.

5. Italy and Spain chocolate eggs called «Kinder Sorpresa». In Germany - «Kinder Uberraschung» Portugal and Brazil - «Kinder Surpresa». In Sweden and Norway - «Kinderoverraskelse». In the US - «Kinder Surprise».
6. In Kinder Surprise company «Ferrero» produces candy, jelly beans, cookies, pasta, chocolate, batonchiki.

7. Kinder Surprise chocolate egg prohibited for sale in the United States, where, according to the federal law in 1938 can not be put inedible objects in food. 8. In 30 years of existence, Kinder Surprise has sold 30 billion chocolate eggs.

Source: factopedia.ru/publication/4483


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