Smiling Spider

This type of spider is found only in the Hawaiian Islands, particularly on the island of Maui. Smiling Spider is a very original color of the body, which resembles a smiling face cheloveka.

Worth noting is that the color of each individual is unique, that is, you will not meet with the same spiders "emoticons" on tele.

This creation is completely harmless to humans, which is not surprising because a spider is very small - the length of its body is only about 5 millimetrov.

Local nicknamed this spider nananana makaki'i, which in their language means "spider with a human face» .

Scientists believe that such an unusual coloration helps smiling spider vyzhit.

It discourages birds predators who at the sight of brightly colored long to decide whether the spider is poisonous or not, and during this time the spiders have a chance to escape from the sight hischnikov.

Bunches of small powered moshkoroy and are nocturnal zhizni.

Smiling Spider - a symbol of wildlife Hawaii. This species is on the verge of extinction due to human intervention in nature. The main cause of death of these positive spiders is imported to Hawaii new species of animals and rasteniy.

Environmentalists oppose extinction smiling pauka.

There are a lot of things with the image of this type of spiders, from T-shirts and toys up to the truck. See also: Rare spider crab newly discovered 100 years later. Invasion of the spiders after floods in Australia. In the waters of New Zealand found the world's largest shrimp.



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