Smile in the animal world

In this collection of photographs, in which animals are depicted laughing and happy. Probably somewhere authors pictures yet worked with Photoshop, but most of the pictures are quite plausible. So, watch and charge a positive attitude ... Let's start with the elephant, whose face is clearly visible smile.

Pomeranian named Boo, obviously pleased with his costume:

Cheerful rabbit:

Joyful seal:

Smiling cat:

But a unique picture of a crocodile. It seems as if it was bursting with happiness :)

Merry dog:

Got in our selection and ermine:

Smiling sloth. In general sloth no reason to be sad, it never is in a hurry and enjoying life:

Imposing protein:

Another seal. Here there is a true work of Photoshop, but still funny happened:

Aardvark welcomes you:

And this meerkat straight bursting with laughter:

Elephant. Ever heard of such a beast?

Owls are not always serious. They, too, can rejoice:

Another funny dog:

And the rabbit:

Again, happy owl.

And one more owl:

Smiling ferret:

Happy fish bowl:

Joyful baby elephant. Did you know that elephants really can smile and laugh, this is proved by scientists:


Dog with spaghetti on his face:

Happy Bulldog:

At the end of compilation joyful sheep:



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