The strangest money

In many countries of the world are still not accustomed us to the usual paper and metal money. It would seem that the times and zerkalets beads as currency for a long time already passed, but is it really?)

So, in 10th place among the oddities of modern and not very green currencies are Vietnamese brand. Vietnamese that money can not pay for what they want, can buy only a few specific things. The entire catch is that the edges of each banknote has a special tear-off coupons, which the owner can exchange only the thing that contains them. For example, if the Green Mark is granted for the purchase of clothing, at the tear-off coupons can only buy pants, coats, socks, etc., with each item is given a strictly defined number of

9 line is the world's only wooden money - Centennial, at one time in the whole town used to Moose Jaw Saskatchewan. This method of printing money used by the Germans after World War I, is doing its best to raise the non-existence of the Reichsbank and to pay huge compensation to the affected countries. In fact, while the Germans have printed money to all but the most extraordinary pictures were still tree

On-site located 8 pound Lewis - in this English town at the time power was particularly enterprising Mayor Michael Chartier, who has decided to promote the small traditional shops in the city to create a domestic currency, which he called a pound Lewis. Such money locals could pay for any goods and pay any bills in the city. City Brixton in South London followed suit a year later, to create local Brixton pound

On line 7 is one of the strongest currencies in the world - Disney dollar, whose value is equated to the US dollar. However, notes in denominations of $ 1, $ 5, $ 10 and $ 50 can be used only in the Disney theme parks, resorts, cruise ships and at Disney's private island, Castaway Cay. Currency was created in May 1987

6 takes place on our list the Chilean peso, which today neither strange nor unusual to name language does not turn, but if you go back in the near 2008 - everything falls into place and all peso becomes an unusual, if not, then at least a funny exchange. The thing is that it was then, in 2008, the chasers made a terrible mistake by writing the name of the country with an error - in the end fell into circulation 50 million coins with the inscription Republic of Chia (Republica de Chiie)

5 take place "of redesigned money" Caribbean countries. No, it does not mean that they are made from recycled paper or recycled. What, then, of "of redesigned"? The answer is to be found in the middle of XIX century, when the Caribbean, in the absence of its own currency, began to melt, and foreign coins minted from the metal produced his - that's why they have such an unusual name. The most unusual "recycled money" were in vogue in the Dominican Republic - in the center of each coin has a hole in the shape of a heart

In 4 line is Space Pound sterling - currency, have never been used in the world and is expected to be in the development of our technology in the future to become a single space currency, calculated to withstand the stresses of space travel: the "coins" no sharp angles and created of the substances they are absolutely harmless to the human body. Space Pound was developed by researchers from the National Space Centre and the University of Leicester as an alternative to wire transfers that are in space will become impossible

3 takes place on our list, "currency", saved the medieval inhabitants of Russia from the Black Death - squirrel carcass. Believe it or not, the medieval Russian paid for all parts of the squirrel bodies. Skins had the highest value, and the ears, muzzle and claws were used as small change. How did the carcass saved us from the plague? They simply tolerated times less parasites than on paper and metal money, used in Europe and have become a cause of mass infection of almost all of its territory

In 2nd place is silver dollar Palau, released in 2007. It was then that one of the smallest countries in the world has made its own currency a little unconventional. Authorities released a silver dollar featuring the Virgin Mary and a tiny reservoir containing the holy water from the grotto of Lourdes (France). The next year was released a second series of coins to mark the anniversary of the 150y Apparitions of the Virgin Mary in the Grotto

So, we finally got to the very strange currency. On 1 line firmly entrenched and unwilling to move huge stones anywhere Rai Solomon Islands Yap. It is surprising that in the XXI century, someone still continues to use money, which were first used at the dawn of the market, but as the currency of the islanders Yap actually use large stone disks with a hole in the middle, the value of which is determined by the size and, most importantly, the how many people died in Rock Island

The fact that the native island of stones there, so locals come to swim in a canoe on the neighboring island of Palau, where the stone disks is still a lot, and deliver "coin" home

Sami Palauans are watching this process ironically, in the soul rejoicing that they have their own currency and they do not have so bent, trying her get) Well, at least on the island of Yap is not capitalism and the country remains immune to inflation, otherwise the islanders every year had to be produce rai stones still larger ...



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