The strangest money

In many countries of the world are still not accustomed us to the usual paper and metal money. It would seem that the times and zerkalets beads as currency for a long time already passed, but is it really?)

So, in 10th place among the oddities of modern and not very green currencies are Vietnamese brand. Vietnamese that money can not pay for what they want, can buy only a few specific things. The entire catch is that the edges of each banknote has a special tear-off coupons, which the owner can exchange only the thing that contains them. For example, if the Green Mark is granted for the purchase of clothing, at the tear-off coupons can only buy pants, coats, socks, etc., with each item is given a strictly defined number of

9 line is the world's only wooden money - Centennial, at one time in the whole town used to Moose Jaw Saskatchewan. This method of printing money used by the Germans after World War I, is doing its best to raise the non-existence of the Reichsbank and to pay huge compensation to the affected countries. In fact, while the Germans have printed money to all but the most extraordinary pictures were still tree

On-site located 8 pound Lewis - in this English town at the time power was particularly enterprising Mayor Michael Chartier, who has decided to promote the small traditional shops in the city to create a domestic currency, which he called a pound Lewis. Such money locals could pay for any goods and pay any bills in the city. City Brixton in South London followed suit a year later, to create local Brixton pound

On line 7 is one of the strongest currencies in the world - Disney dollar, whose value is equated to the US dollar. However, notes in denominations of $ 1, $ 5, $ 10 and $ 50 can be used only in the Disney theme parks, resorts, cruise ships and at Disney's private island, Castaway Cay. Currency was created in May 1987


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