The present economic crisis! (26 photos)

I hope we will never be so!

The crisis in Zimbabwe began in 2000, after President Mugabe took the land from the whites and give them black.
Immediately enveloped the entire agricultural sector, imposed sanctions against the country, the inflation started.
This year, inflation stood at a record 231 million percent a year.
Do you understand this number? 231 000 000% a year. Unemployment - 80%, one-third of the population left the country

That beggar boy received last December trifle. Denominations of 200,000 Zimbabwean dollars.

Little millionaire.
One such bill - about 10 cents. The official exchange rate is several times higher, but it does not change anybody.

On December 22, there was a bill in the country, 50,000 Zimbabwean dollars.

Then - 750,000

In mid-January - 10 million


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