Andrey Maksimov: We continue to teach children as if there is no Internet and social networking

The crisis of education parents experience in their own skin. About the economic crisis in the course? And then! Who are not aware of the fact that now all downright the world is ruled by the crisis? And the crisis came from? Well, there are smart economists a lot of words to tell. From my point of view, everything is much simpler:in the world there is another crisis, about which much less say: education crisis.


The story here is this: if there is a crisis in education – a crisis in the economy can not be avoided. As, however, and all sorts of other crises, too.



Of the 600 million people aged 15 to 24 who are you on earth today, nearly 73 million belong to the category of long-term unemployed – they are not taught the skills that are needed in the modern world.


Over the past forty-five years suicide rates worldwide have increased by 60 (!!!) percent. People are not taught to appreciate life, not taught to look for sense in it.

You can even many different digits to lead, but any parent of a crisis in education is experiencing what is called in their own skin.

Many parents have the feeling that children are taught is wrong and not to. And it's not cheating.

At the University of Melbourne there is an Association that brings together more than 250 researchers from 60 universities of different countries. Through years of research , scientists have identified four skills that are necessary in order that man might be realized in the twenty-first century.

Creativity – the ability to creatively approach any business, embrace the unexpected, innovative solutions.

Critical thinking – the ability not to take for granted any postulate, to ask the right questions to help you understand any problem.

Communication skills – the ability to communicate, to convey to other people your ideas, however, and the ability to listen to others.

Cooperation skills – ability to work in a team when there is a need to guide, and when necessary, to obey.

Imagine a child – maybe it's your son or daughter which creative and critical thinking. Well, and what he will learn in school? How many comments in a diary he receives for his critical thinking and how many twos for creativity?

Please note that among the major skills of the XXI century there is no knowledge. Why?



Yes, because in today's information flow is important, not knowledge as such, and the ability to use them creatively, that is, in order to generate new ideas.

Our school is categorically not able to accept the challenges of the time. We continue to teach children like no Internet, no globalization, no social networking.

A child who does not get out of phone – annoying. A student who summary of all the great books takes from the Internet – losers.How to teach a child to think and obtain the necessary it knowledge to him – few people think.

We had great difficulty, but still resigned to the fact that the young people of the era of gadgets – it's the other people. But we can not understand: this means that you need to teach them differently than we used to.


What is the purpose of the study today?

To pass the exam. It is aimed at the entire educational system.

Einstein said that knowledge is what remains in our head AFTER we finished teaching. Many years teaching and lecturing in universities, I realized that in the minds of our children remains, alas, nothing.


What should be the purpose of the study? The two of them. To help people find their calling, that is a favorite thing, which is not a pity to die for. And to teach the child to learn, not to destroy the nature of this desire for knowledge, and to help all those boys and girls to get pleasure from what they learn.

It is clear that, with rare exceptions, the school will not do it.

Then who do this?

The answer is obvious: parents.

It would be nice to get my parents to understand that there is a task to help the child to pass school hard labor, while remaining mentally healthy. This is one task.

Is the other –to teach children to learn, and help them find their calling.

This is a different problem.

Well, when there is the possibility (including financial) to send their child to a good school. Good school, I note, is one in which the child wants to walk.

But if this is not possible? If the child gets up every morning with one thought: it would be good to burn down the school? What then?

Then have the child help in the first place – protecting it.


Andrey Maksimov.

It would be nice, for example, to understand that by itself, the ratings system – not that other, as an opportunity to humiliate the person.

It is no coincidence because the adults in their life evaluation is not taken – he had left the children. A child who is afraid to show the diary with the two, growing frightened, insecure person.

We give their child to a stranger – teacher – and he often becomes the main "informant" about our child. He says: "the Boy is lazy." And we swooped down on the boy, "Why lazy?", not even giving the effort to understand the situation. He said, "Your daughter doesn't want to learn." And we swooped down on her, not even trying to understand why she doesn't want to learn, actually?

Parallel – in parallel! – will have to address the second objective. In his books "Pestalozzi XXI" and "Parents as enemies," I describe in detail the method of determining the child's vocation. It is, and it works.

If the child is determined, at least in General terms, what he wants to do, then parents should ensure that he received the maximum amount of information in those branches of knowledge that he can be useful in the future. They can do it personally. Can hire Tutors, or send their child to a mug.

The education crisis – a phenomenon, if anything, global. In different countries it is trying to overcome with more or less success.


In our country the situation is such that the real responsibility for the education of the child lies with the parents.

You don't have time for all this? Are you busy? Understand. But tell me: is there on this Earth at least one thing that you can do without spending time on it? To hammer a nail? Vacuum the room? Why do you think that children will grow up themselves, not taking your time?

If children are taught is wrong and not what it means, to teach them and that can only parents. Even though this fact seems to be unpleasant, it is still a fact.

That is exactly what is actually. published

Author: Andrey Maksimov

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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