Miracles disguise. Part 3 (20 photos)

Continuing the theme of cloaking. Nature creates amazing insects, bugs and tarakashek that adapt to their environment and can merge with it, to protect it from outsiders.

These macro photography taken by photographer Nicky Singapore Bei

Do you think it's a ladybug? No, it's a spider (rear view), it has the same color, like a ladybug, which gives him an excellent opportunity to be masked.

Here is the spider in the front. True cute? This form of mimicry, in which one takes the guise of a harmless form of toxic form, called Batesian mimicry. These ladybugs predators do not like because of their bitterness.

Hemp spider Araneus. This type uses a disguise to look like tree bark ...

By day he is resting, pressing his paws to the body. Between the legs is visible only to the head. And this high sticking segment - a spider's abdomen.

And this beauty - the caterpillar butterfly species nolidov. This species grows big green ball on the abdomen, which comes to a head ...


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