City Sadia

in the Indian city of Sadia in Assam during the religious festival of its members were attacked by big poisonous spiders. Thousands of arthropod filled the central square of the city and attacked the local residents, causing panic and stampede. The victims of the attack were two spider man. According to numerous victims, spiders do not just attack people, "dug" in them.
It turned out that the insects have caused a stir, was charged entomologists. Indian scientists have discovered at the scene a new type of spider, like a tarantula and a tarantula. This spider has a strong mandibles and has elevated aggressiveness. Representatives of this type of attack on any moving object, not just people. Scientists have concluded that spiders are "aliens": Previously, such situations do not arise, the locals have not seen such creatures. Where are the thousands of spiders after the attack is unclear. The city authorities, concerned about the incident, urged the citizens not to go out. See also: Invasion of the spiders after floods in Australia. In nature, there smiling spider. Rare spider crab newly discovered 100 years later. The invasion of mosquitoes in the village in Belarus.



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