Fattest cat

The American Kennel Animal Haven got unusual red cat named SpongeBob, the weight of which rolls over and found more than 15 kilograms. Staff at a New York animal shelter Animal Haven were shocked by the fact that the new incoming cat weighs as four children. Luckily, 9-year-old SpongeBob did not have any serious diseases associated with being overweight, but still the animal immediately put on a diet and prescribed a course of exercises for weight loss. This cat gives only diet (protein) food and kept in a very large cage for the fattest cat in the world (according to Guinness World Records) could maximize dvigatsya.

Earlier, the fattest cat in the world was 18-pound cat Meow, who tried to force employees to lose weight nursery in New Mexico, but they did not manage to achieve the goal. On May 5, white and red Meow died, never having overcome overweight. The cat refused to light, because it weighed like 272-pound person. Fattest cat in history, marked in the Guinness Book of Records, was the "baby" Himma from Australia, the weight of which at one point reached 21, 3 kg. This poor animal is also not the right weight and died prematurely. Hopefully, SpongeBob cope with the problem, and soon he had postroynevshego someone takes home. See also: Monkey took over the upbringing of two kittens. Missing cat three weeks to get home on broken legs. The cat survived after falling from 19th floor. A cat named Frank and Louie two muzzle. Cats know how to manage people. The cat made friends with the fawn. Australian student has developed video games specifically for cats. The cat named Meow weighs 18 kg.

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